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It is the mission of the Fairfax R-III Schools is to equip students with appropriate skills to function as contributing citizens in our changing global society. The highest skills will be developed in the (Each student will develop skills to the maximum of his/her potential in the areas of...) communication arts, mathematics, science, social relationships, fine arts, wellness, and technology. Students will experience the excitement of discovery, and the school will nurture that experience into a life-long quest for learning.

Student Opportunities:

See Mrs. Hedlund if you have any questions or need more info

Do you need to improve your ACT score or do you want to prepare before you take the test? See Mrs. Hedlund or check out the ACT PREP classes offered by NWMSU and Missouri Western online.




To the left are links to a few of the scholarships offered here at Fairfax. For more information about any of these scholarships or any other scholarships please see Mrs. Hedlund. If you click on Counselor Corner Scholarships you will find a list of local and national scholarships you can apply for.

**Go to your colleges website and apply there!**


As always, I am happy to help you with anything. I will proofread your essays or your applications! I can also write letters of recommendation for you.

If a scholarship is due at 9am that does not mean you can ask to get out of your 1st hour class to work on it. Get organized, write due dates down, work ahead.

If you get these done before the due date, give them to me or put them in the red folder on my desk that is labeled "Scholarships".


College Visits

When a college representative comes to the school, they will come during lunch. You may bring your lunch tray to the library and eat during the presentation. Teachers will dismiss students going during the first bell. Grades 10, 11, and 12 are welcome.

Seniors are allowed to days to visit colleges they are interested in. Juniors are allowed one day to do this.




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Fairfax School Code: 261-025

 ****Don't forget to have your scores sent to NWMSU and MU in case you want to take a dual credit class there or in case you decide to choose NWMSU after High School. 

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