Fairfax High School Song

We're loyal to you Fairfax High

To the green and the white, Fairfax High

We'll back you to stand

You're the best in the land

For your true loyal band, Fairfax High



So keep that in mind, Fairfax High

We're pledged to your shrine, Fairfax High

Our school is our fame protector

Lead on that we may do great things

for our own high school band.


Bring out the dear old flag of

green and white,

Lead on ye students for the

right we fight,

Like men of thrift and courage

Placing reliance, shouting defiance,



Amid the broad green fields

that nourish our land for honest labor

and for courage we stand,

For unto thee we pledge our hearts and hands,

Dear old Fairfax High you are so grand.