Parents and Students,

Below is some specific information regarding what a typical day will look like if we have a closure due to Weather and we enact an AMI- Distance Education Day.   IF you have technical issues you can email Dr. Burright- 


School Day-  JH/HS

  1. It is the expectation that all students log into Zoom/Google Meet meetings with teachers each day at the appropriate time. 
  2. Teachers will send you ZOOM links to join their classes. 
  3. Attendance will be taken hourly
  4. Assignments will be given and work will be expected to be turned in either through Email, Google Classroom, Photo Email, Remind, etc.
  5. ZAP will be in effect daily- SO- IF you have an assignment that is due and you do not turn it in during your designated class time, you will be placed on ZAP the next day.   IF your work is not in by 4:00 you will receive a 0.
  6. Teachers may utilize this day to teach new materials, provide homework or review existing lessons. 
  7. REMINDER-  At any time, we could call for a closure for the next day, so you need to take your Computers and ANY BOOKS you need home nightly.  FOR EXAMPLE-  The majority of MATH assignments are done out of the book, so you need to take Math books home nightly for certain.  
  8. If you are having technical trouble- email Dr. Burright. 
  9. Students without Wi-Fi or who have IEP’s will be receiving specific information regarding their services.  



1st Hour- 8:00-8:25


2nd Hour- 8:30-8:55


3rd Hour- 9:00-9:25


4th Hour- 9:30-9:55


5th Hour- 10:00-10:25


6th Hour- 10:30-10:55


7th Hour- 11:00-11:25


8th Hour-  11:30-12:00