FAIRFAX R-3 A+ Program

A+ is a program sponsored by the state of Missouri that  provides for applicants who meet the state requirements to be eligible for state reimbursement for the cost of tuition, general fees,  while attending any Missouri public community college or post-secondary vocational or technical school as a full-time student.  The incentive will be available for up to two years of attendance during the 4-year period following graduation.  The funding is dependent upon Fairfax R-3 School being designated as an A+ School prior to the applicant’s graduation and upon legislative appropriation by the General Assembly.  Below are a couple of links to documents that help explain the A+ Process.  To enroll your 9th-12th grade student in this program, print out the A+ handbook and sign the appropriate pages and have your student turn them into the A+ coordinator, Dr. Jeremy Burright.   If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call and ask!!


A+ Parent Letter.docx

Fairfax R-3 A+ Handbook.docx